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Read some of the comments from our satisfied members below.

January 1, 2020

Dear Team,
My name is Steve bailey, my username is sb219. Many of you have been with WKIR since it began like i have...that shows me you see the potential in this once we get the right 'formula'...and I think we may have it now.

With Linda's approval I am offering the team the following challenge. For the next 100 paid NEW $25 positions that come in on level 1, I will match them with 100 positions of my own. The match will only be for NEW positions, re-entries do not count.

For those of you who have been around, I did this same challenge last year with 50 positions. All 50 positions were taken by our team within a decent amount of time, and I was able to pay/match 11 of those positions. This all came out of my pocket.

With this new 100 position challenge, I believe we may finally gain the momentum we need to eventually get everyone earning something every month..my dream is to have everyone eventually making something every day...and yes, this is possible. Imagine what an extra $10 a day ($300 a month), $20 a day ($600 a month) or $50 a day ($1500 a month) could do for your life...this is possible but it will take work to get there. This 100/100 matching challenge is my effort to help get us moving as the new year begins.

I will be paying for my 100 matches out of my earnings and as I have extra money. 200 positions into the team could really get things moving and getting the momentum we need.

To help things move immediately, I have enough in my Bluebird to buy around 10 positions once 10 (matches) are purchased. Like I mentioned earlier I will be using my earnings into this and pay for my 100 matches. If you look at the Tiers and how they pay out, if I can get one position in tiers 4-5-6 I will have earned enough to do all 100 matches. Again, I am using all my profits and out of pocket money to make this happen for you, for the team, and for myself....but I can't do this alone.

2020 is here, its a new year, new decade, and a new start for us all. If you are able, please take a position in my challenge, it will only cost you $25....and once that position cycles all the way thru...you will have earned $6700 with a whopping EIGHTEEN re-entries...to potentially make you 18 x $6700. If say you cycle thru 5 of these re-entries in all of 2020...you will be making $33,500 (5x$6700)! That's more than some people make in a year at a job (just.over.broke). Is it worth your time and effort to make 33k in 2020 from a simple $25 starting investment? I think it is. Ideally all 18 of your re-entries from your 100/100 $25 positions will cycle over this next year, but even if only 5 do...you will have earned potentially $33,500....see the potential in this?

All i ask of this team to 'pay' me for using my own money to help everyone get moving...and hopefully earning is the following three items.
1. If you are able..take a $25 position ASAP for this challenge. If all 100 positions are taken, that will move things along I'm sure, and with movement, re-entries, and me paying for my 100 matches...we should hopefully really be moving in 1-2-3-4 months from now. It can happen if you HELP make it happen.
2. Please find 1-2-3 people who can see the potential of this...and get them on the team with their paid position. Imagine how fast things will move if we have 100-250 even 500 people on our team!
3. If you take a position in this challenge...follow THAT position as it goes thru the tiers. Once that position finishes tier 6...send me an email and let me know how the $6700 you will have earned has blessed your life.

If you have any questions or concerns about this challenge, me, or anything else...let Linda know and she will let me know...and I will always try to help!

Do the math on what WKIR could become if we all work the program....if we all find 1-2-3-10 people who see what this could become...if we challenge ourselves to make WKIR what it was meant to be a reality in 2020. Life is all about what you can do for and bless others with, don't be afraid to take a chance when you see a good opportunity. This is a good opportunity with a great owner and team.

Thank you for your time
Steve Bailey