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Read some of the comments from our satisfied members below.

Good Morning Kris & Linda

Just wanted to say a huge Thank You for WE KEEP IT REAL I absolutely Love this Program and we can & will keep this moving with our own little private group/Family & it will help us all to be be blessed especially like you said when we all start cycling Level 10 wowser it will be fantastic.

God Bless You Guys & God Bless WEKEEPITREAL

Juanita : )

You have an excellent program in WKIR....IF we can get a solid team of ideally 100..who consistently buy subs..and keep it moving..it will pay off...$470 something each time you cycle PLUS 4 new positions in level 1....there is no way this can fail once people start cycling and it gets moving faster.

IF people would just get that concept.....cycle..$470...4 new level ones..470x4=$1880...with 16 level 1's...470x16=$7520..with 64 level 1's...470x64=30,080...with 256 level ones...then the money gets insane.

I'm glad you eliminated those who don't keep up...tire kickers, those who can't see the big picture..everyone wants instant income....they don't realize it takes time....and if they do the math at what WKIR could potentially do IN TIME...they'd see its a solid program to keep going.

$10-11 out of pocket every 2 weeks...use income to pay for the next levels...if they can't do that or are too impatient..good riddance...the potential is there for those who see your vision.

Keep going..keep the faith!

This is Working and Built for the Long Haul! Don't just sit on the fence. Jump In TODAY!

This is is an excellent idea from honest admin. I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to join us. But, I wouldn't wait too long to join!

Best Regards;

Jeff Cohen

I am so "grateful" to you and Kris for managing WKIR. The fact that we got so many new members makes me think that people are realizing that we have something special here. Many programs fail because the leaders are just looking out for themselves and some are dishonest. You and Kris have restored my faith in online network programs!

Harinder Kaur

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