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At This Time This  is a Private Program 
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How Do I Know When I Will Cycle?

I Think it is only fair that my members can see where they are in the Matrices, so I let them have access to a spread sheet.  You must Login to your back office and the link to the spreadsheet is on the MEMBERS HOME PAGE.

How does WeKeepItReal work?
Please refer to the HOME PAGE of WeKeepItReal
for Sructure and Level details.
How much does it cost?
It is a MONTHLY $25 out of pocket ad package purchase.
The payments you 'receive' are used to advance you to the next level.
What do I get for a position purchase?
First and foremost, you are not purchasing a spot in the matrix,
you are purchasing an AD CREDIT PACK, the Matrix is an added
bonus. Ad Packs include credits for Banner and Text ads to be shown
throughout the WKIR website, and increase with each level you enter.
We also offer "3rd Party Advertising" resources in the BONUS tab and 
also on the exit page when you log out of your Back Office.
Can I purchase "extra" positions?
NO. Because we are a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION  based
program and with the "REENTRIES" in each Phase, we believe
that 'EXTRA' position purchases are not necessary.
What processors do you use?
You can use Bluebird, CashApp, GPay, Uphold, BitCoin, STP,
but ultimately, the processors you use is between you
and the other person, either sending or receiving.
If the member you are sending to or receiving from does not use a 
processor you use, contact them to make arrangements to work something out.
Can I get a refund?
Due to the direct payment nature of this program, there will be absolutely NO 
REFUNDS .You are purchasing a digital product in the form of ad credits, to be used on the website. Payments are made Member to Member directly, and there is no way
for WKIR to issue a refund. 
Is my Personal Information safe?
To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct 
use of information, WE KEEP IT REAL uses appropriate industry standard 
procedures to safeguard the confidentiality of Member's personal information, 
such as firewall, encryption, token authentication, application proxies, 
monitoring technology, and adaptive analysis of the Website's traffic to track 
abuse of the WE KEEP IT REAL Website and its data. However, no data 
transmitted over the Internet can be 100% secure. As a result, while WE KEEP IT 
REAL strives to protect its Members personal information, WE KEEP IT REAL 
cannot guarantee the security of any information that Members transmit to or 
from the participating advertisers/merchants and Member does so at his/her own 
~WeKeepItReal reserves the right to add to, change or remove any of these FAQs
with or without notice to the Membership. Please refer to these periodically.~