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    We Keep It Real, We Keep It Simple,

is here for you to earn a little holiday cash.

We bring you a simple 5 tier matrix 

One Time $25 Donation to start.



I am not sure any of us have ever seen a matrix like this.

The first tier starts out with needing 6 people 

To cycle.  Tier 2 needs 6, tier 3 needs 5 and tier 4

Needs 4 and tier 5 needs 4.  So as you go through the matrix

You should find it little faster to cycle the tiers each level because less People are needed.

This is a company forced Matrix, next in line. When you sign up

you go to the next in line position.




But in order to do this, we need EVERYONE to work hard

And bring in as many people as you can.  IF you can’t

Bring in people please consider doing a PIF, anythign to do your part.  


You re-enter tier one with $25 every time you cycle a tier


Tier 1

6X$25 = $150 

Enter Tier 2 with $100 

Re-enter Tier 1 With $25 donation

Keep $25, you now are not out of pocket

You have earned your $25 back.



Tier 2

6X$100= $600 

Enter Tier 3 With $400,

Re-enter Tier 1 With $25 donation

Keep $175



Tier 3


Enter tier 4 with $1500

Re-enter Tier 1 With $25 donation

Keep $475


Tier 4


Enter tier 5 with $5000,

Re-enter Tier 1 With $25 donation

Keep $975


Tier 5


Re-enter Tier 1 With $25 donation

Keep $19,975


Total Keep:  $21,625 



Not a whole lot of money but enough to help meet 

Expenses Pay Taxes and to have a 

Merry Christmas 

Straight Line Matrix, No Back to back entries. Tier 5 & 4 you may want to send by bitcoin.
Pay methods, MUST have at least 3 different ways to pay.
Cash App, now available on line, not just your phone:
GooglePay: Log into your google account:
Bluebird: Pick One up at Walmart ad funds to it right then Or get one on line.
click on the link "Not A MemberYet"
Skrill is good in all countries
Other options: Bitcoin, Zelle, Venmo.
Must pay 24hours or less...No Snail Mail